2018 Wedding Colors

Are you planning on tying the knot this year? You’ve probably imagined your big day since before you can remember. You may have even played it out in your head – that moment you and your partner’s eyes meet at the aisle, the flowers, your dress, the music – your perfectly imperfect, magical day! Fast forward to 2018, and there is nothing that really could have prepared you for planning your wedding day. Have you thought about your wedding colors? Yes, deciding on your wedding’s color palette is one of your most significant decisions. Your wedding colors will be vital in setting the vibe and theme of your wedding. To ease the pressure of choosing your perfect wedding colors, we’ve prepared a list of the top 2018 wedding colors and combinations for your to consider.

Top 2018 Wedding Colors

1. Getting’ Peachy 2018 Wedding Colors

Color Palette: Peach, Custom Periwinkle, Ivory, White. This pastel color combo is almost so good you can eat it! Achieve that fairytale vibe with a peach infused palette.

2. Leafy Blossom 2018 Wedding Colors

Color Palette: Custom Navy, Cream Rose, White, Custom Green. The contrast of the leafy emerald greens and midnight blue with some cherry blossom pink will give your wedding a spark of soft glam (without even using sparkles and glitter!)

3. Touchy Blushy 2018 Wedding Colors

Color Palette: Custom Blush, Custom Mauve, Custom Beige, Custom Brown. Not much can be more appropriate than the intimate palette of neutral and blush tones for your special day!

4. Cupcake Crush 2018 Wedding Colors

Color Palette: Custom Teal, Lavender, Turquoise, GoldSprinkle love with this delicious palette of minty blues and elegant golds that screams candy, but classy!

5. Summer Slush 2018 Wedding Colors

Color Palette: Sunbeam, Custom Teal, Scarlet, Custom Purple. Fruity scarlet, sunny yellow, refreshing blues. Let your summer wedding reflect the warmth of the season and your love!

6. Floral Fetish 2018 Wedding Colors

Color Palette: Carnation, Cream Rose, Custom Gray, Celery. This flowery feminine palette can be sweetly fancy; but add a touch of gold and it’s instantly modern and savvy!

7. Rustic Bohemian 2018 Wedding Colors

Color Palette: Lime, Ocean, Sugar, Custom TanAn energetic twist on the usual rustic theme – with a dash of bohemian lime green for that dreamy balanced ambience!

8. Zesty Tangerine 2018 Wedding Colors

Color Palette: Orange, Classic Yellow, Gold, BurgundyYou may have never expected spicy orange to make it to the list of top wedding colors, but pair it with the warmth of yellow for a festive combo or burgundy for balancing the retro look.

9. Beachy Nuit 2018 Wedding Colors

Color Palette: Eggplant, White, Custom Blue, Custom Green. As the Pantone Color of the Year, expect to see lots of violet shades this season. Freshen it up with beachy hues for the mellow seaside vibe, regardless of the destination or season!

10. Patriotic Passion

2018 Wedding Colors

Source: theknot.com

Color Palette: Strawberry, Ivory, Navy, Silver. This strawberry color will make the party come to life! The subtly patriotic combo achieves a striking balance of warm and cool.

That wraps up the top wedding colors of 2018! Which color palette will you choose for your upcoming wedding? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to check out other wedding trends for 2018 here.

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