Wedding Gown Preservation Guarantee. The Wedding Gown Preservation Company provides a 100% guarantee for 100 years against yellowing of your gown. The Wedding Gown Preservation Company certifies the guarantee to the original owner listed on the preservation order form. If the fabric yellows, you may return the gown to be re-cleaned and preserved at no additional charge. If reprocessing of your gown is unsucessful, The Wedding Gown Preservation Company will refund the preservation cost.

Trim, beads and sequins are excluded from this guarantee. Any damages done during shipping must be reported within 15 days of receiving the gown in order to make a claim with our shipper. The 100 year guarantee will not be compromised or voided, as long as the your gown has not been worn again, removed from the chest, mishandled, assigned, transferred or sold.

Certificate of Guarantee



Wedding Gown Preservation Guarantee

Inspecting Your Gown

You are welcome to open the Traditional Line or Celebrity Line preservation chest to inspect it without removing the gown. Opening the chest to inspect your gown will not void the guarantee. However, it is not recommended that you remove the gown completely, as it has been specially secured to keep it from shifting in the chest to protect the dress.

Please note that complete removal of the gown from the preservation chest will void the guarantee. Should you decide to open the preservation chest we would recommend that you use the enclosed gloves. The gloves will be included with your preserved gown. Use the gloves in order to avoid getting natural oils from your hands onto the gown. You can gently sift through the layers of the gown as needed to inspect it. There will also be a set of sealing squares enclosed so that you can reseal the packaging to keep any dirt or dust away from your gown.

Store your gown in a COOL DRY AREA. Never store your gown in an attic or basement!

Approved Cleaning Methods

The Wedding Gown Preservation Company utilizes the approved cleaning methods and standards
as recommended by the:Drycleaning and Laundry Institute

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