Packaging Instructions – Sending in Your Wedding Dress

Once you receive your shipping kit, simply follow these easy steps (instructions will be also  included) …

Step 1. Fill out the order form and shipping label. Include your email address for status updates via email.





Step 2. Optional – Place stain stickers provide with the kit on areas of the gown that may need special attention. Please use only the stain stickers provided, as others may damage the gown. (Since the most common problem area is the hemline, you do not need to mark this.)





Step 3. Place gown (and any accessories) in the bag provided. Place white and yellow copies of order form in the bag with the gown (retain pink copy for your records along with the UPS receipt). If your dress is large, try to press out as much air as possible for a better fit in the shipping box. Close bag with the twist tie provided.





Step 4. Unfold and assemble the box provided. Wet tape and apply to bottom of box (in area indicated). You may use your own tape if you prefer.





Step 5. Place the bag containing your dress, white and pink forms, and any accessories (optional), inside the box. Keep the pink copy of the form for your records.





Step 6. Close and tape the box.





Step 7. Remove UPS shipping receipt number from UPS shipping label and place on pink copy of order form to retain for your records.





Step 8. Apply UPS pre-paid shipping label to the box.





Step 9. Send your gown in by any one of the following ways:

  • Bring box to any UPS Store or Office (or any package shipping store) & get a receipt
  • Bring directly to any UPS terminal
  • Give box to any UPS driver
  • Bring the box to work (if your employer has UPS) at no charge to your employer or you
  • Bring to any store that accepts UPS packages & get a receipt
  • Go online: and schedule a UPS pick-up at your home (a service charge may apply when calling UPS)

Thank you for choosing Affordable Preservation Company to preserve your gown, an authorized dealer of Wedding Gown Preservation Company.

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