Wedding Dress Restoration

Wedding Dress Restoration

For most brides, the selection of a wedding dress is a major life event. You may be lucky enough to have had a gorgeous heirloom vintage dress passed down from a beloved family member or friend. Many mothers and grandmothers dream of the day that they will be able to watch a future generation walk down the aisle wearing the dress that they so lovingly selected. Finding the right wedding dress restoration company is going to be an important decision.

Unfortunately, this dream is often shattered when the dress is pulled out of storage. You may find that the gown has stains that seem to have appeared out of nowhere, that the fabric has yellowed due to age, or the gown’s adornments are loose or missing.

Brides-to-be should not give up hope of carrying on the family tradition. Affordable Preservation Company offers wedding dress restoration that will leave your vintage dress looking as good as new. The restoration process is done completely by hand and is ideal for dresses that are at least 20 years old.


The Wedding Dress Restoration Process

Once we have received your gown, it will go through a detailed evaluation and inspection to determine the type and extent of damage that is to be repaired and restored. Once the material has been thoroughly cleaned, your gown will be inspected for any other signs of wear or aging.

Your gown will be hand-cleaned until its natural beauty has been restored. Our cleaning process is eco-friendly and we do not use dangerous chemicals. It is safer than dry-cleaning and offers better results. Our proprietary cleaning formulas are non-toxic, dermatologically safe, and will not fade fabric color.  We use the same preservation system that is trusted by museums around the world.

When the wedding dress restoration process is complete, your gown will be returned you cleaned and preserved for your or future generations to enjoy. Our process removes stubborn odors like mildew and smoke, so you can be confident that your dress will smell fresh and clean.


A Word About Metal Buttons

Metal-backed buttons must be removed prior to the wedding dress restoration so they don’t rust during the cleaning process. Our in-house seamstress will carefully remove the buttons and we will restore, clean and ship them back to you at no extra charge.

To preserve the integrity of your newly-restored gown, we recommend replacing the original metal-backed buttons with newer buttons. Depending on the number of buttons and the complexity of the pattern, this service runs from $29 to $69. Our seamstress will contact you prior to any button removal to discuss how you would like to proceed.


Training and Certification

We understand that your vintage gown holds sentimental value and wouldn’t expect you to trust it with just anyone. That’s why our team has been trained and certified by the Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute (DLI). The DLI is the primary trade association for fabric care and restoration professionals. For over 100 years, the institute has been providing hands-on experience and offering training and testing in their state-of-the-art facilities and laboratories.

Drycleaning and Laundry Institute

Thanks to this extensive training, our highly-skilled professionals can offer the nation’s top-rated wedding dress restoration. We can repair the effects of the natural aging process and other unfortunate events like flooding or smoke damage. We have experience evaluating and restoring many types of fabric stains and handling delicate fabrics that have been stained for many years. Our team is truly committed and can be trusted to treat your family heirloom as if it were their own.


Quality Work Guaranteed

Before we return your dress to you, it will go through a multi-point inspection. We will ensure that the process did not cause any of the fabric to pull and that all adornments are fixed securely. You will be able to pass your gown on to your children or grandchildren, thanks to our 100-year guarantee against future yellowing.


Completing Your Wedding Dress Restoration

Our wedding dress restoration service must be purchased in combination with the Traditional Line or Celebrity Line packages. Once you have placed your order, we will ship your wedding gown preservation package to you. It will contain everything you need to pack your dress and safely send it to our facility.

Your wedding dress restoration will be complete in 6-10 weeks. We will package your gown in in an acid-free preservation chest that is designed for long-term storage. Shipping is always free in both directions and you will receive an email to let you know the gown is on its way to your doorstep.

Traditional Line Restoration

Traditional Wedding Dress Preservation and Restoration

Retail Price $423.00
Our Price: $373.00

Wedding dress cleaning, restoration and preservation
plus 5 accessories***
Free round-trip shipping*
$500 Declared insured value***
White gloss preservation chest
Gown is steam pressed
Gown wrapped in acid-free tissue

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Traditional Line Wedding Gown Preservation

Celebrity Line Restoration

Celebrity Wedding Dress Preservation and Restoration

Retail Price $495.00
Our Price: $445.00

Wedding dress cleaning, restoration and preservation
plus 5 accessories***
Free round-trip shipping*
$2,000 insured value***
Silver preservation chest
Gown is hand pressed
Gown wrapped in acid-free tissue

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Celebrity Line Wedding Gown Preservation

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