The most timeless wedding trend is to create a celebration that reflects both you and your partner. The challenge is how to celebrate your unique love in your own unique way. With the new year quickly approaching, we’ve compiled the best 2018 wedding trends that are sure to keep you up-to-date for your wedding planning and make it your own. Some trends are new, some traditional, but all make the list for top 2018 wedding trends!

Top 2018 Wedding Trends

1. Drip Cakes

It’s not a wedding without the cake! This year, drip cakes are all the rage. Made with ganache or caramel trickling down the sides, drip cakes look super delicious and taste even better.


2. Watercolor InvitationsWatercolor Wedding Invitations

If you think the ‘feel’ of your wedding starts and ends with the ceremony and celebration, think again. The invitation is the first look, the official announcement and an important souvenir of the big day. This year, it’s all about watercolor design for your wedding invites. From floral patterns to abstract designs, hand drawn watercolor is every bride’s go-to!


3. Greenery

2018 Wedding Trends Wedding Greenery Trend

Source: Once Wed

What looks lush, expensive and is cooling to the eyes? Greenery. What is going to lower your flower costs and can be molded to take any form? Greenery. It’s no surprise that greenery, not just as a color, is a top trend for 2018 and beyond. Consider eco-friendly wedding guest favors such as tree seedlings for planting a tree in your honor.


4. Stylish Swings

2018 Wedding Trends Wedding Swings

Source: Stylish Wedd

DIY seating arrangements take on a new meaning this year! Decorated and stylish swings make a fun place to lounge on and double as a photo prop for you and your guests. Of course the kids love them too!


5. Food & Drink Stations

2018 Wedding Trends Wedding Food and Drink Stations

Source: Crazy For Us

Say goodbye to formal dining at weddings! This year it’s all about food and drink stations. There’s no need to stick to just one caterer, now it’s all about giving your guests diversity. Food and drink stations encourage mingling along with a fun activity for your guests.


6. Selfie Booths

2018 Wedding Trends Selfie Booth for Weddings

Source: Capture Pod

“Wait, let me take a selfie!” There is no denying that we are part of the selfie generation. Although it’s not a new trend, it’s still a top 2018 wedding trend. Your guests will still be delighted when they discover you have a selfie booth at your wedding reception. Photo booths are always a hit and a great interactive and super fun activity for your guests. Hot Tips: Don’t forget to add your wedding hashtag to your photo booth pics. Consider setting  up instant posting to social media. Think about adding some props for some unforgettable photos. 


7. Gown Preservation
2018 Wedding Trends Wedding Dress Gown Preservation

Want to capture the memory of your special day in a box (literally)? Opt for the timeless trend of the professional and affordable preservation of your wedding dress that can be cherished for generations to come!

That wraps up the top 2018 wedding trends. We hope you are inspired by these top wedding trends for a truly impressive and fulfilling experience for you and your loved ones.SaveSave


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