After you’ve run down the aisle, exchanged “I dos” and enjoyed a lavish with family and friends, you probably just want to get down to the business of being married. While the wedding day may be over, there is still plenty of wedding related tasks to complete. If you want to avoid stress after you’ve exchanged your vows we suggest you plan out how you’ll complete your post-wedding to-do list before the big day arrives. One such task is bouquet preservation.

Bouquet Preservation 101

Bouquet preservation has become popular in recent years, but the act of preserving flowers dates back centuries. As a soon-to-be bride you might not want to think about what to do with your flowers when you day is over and in the books, but figuring it out can help you relieve stress once you are married. You have several preservation options. You can utilize the help of a florist to dry several petals from your bouquet and frame them, you can have the entire bouquet preserved by a professional, or you can attempt a creative DIY project.

Petal Drying

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to preserve your bouquet is to do so by just drying some of the petals from the bunch. This can be accomplished by placing a few petals between absorbent sheets of paper and placing them between two heavy books. 

If you plan on giving it a go yourself, experts suggest picking the brightest petals. You should begin the drying process immediately, and you must be patient. According to experts, petals can take upwards of three full weeks to dry, but you should check on them regularly. Remember, when moisture is being pulled from the petals some color may come with it, and can stain a book or its pages, so using absorbent paper is of paramount importance.

If it seems like too much trouble, most florists will offer preservation services. Ask to see samples of their work, and don’t forget to find out what is included in the package. Some florists simply preserve the flowers and give them back to you in a package, while others offer framing services, too. Which service you pick will largely depend on your needs.

Drying Your Entire Bouquet

While petal drying has been popular for centuries, the drying of entire bouquets has become more popular in recent years. These bouquets are often used in home decor and are sealed in a glass dome for safe keeping. If this option tickles your fancy you’ll want to search out a bouquet preservation specialist. There may not be a company in your area that can complete this task, but there are several companies that you can work with through the mail that can help meet your expectations.

This process can be rather delicate. A florist will take your bouquet and brush a silica gel powder onto each petal. The bouquet will then be submerged in more silica powder and left to dry out. It can take several weeks for this process to be completed, but the end result is rather beautiful. The preservation company you pick will likely offer several different storage solutions for the completed bouquet. 

The process can be completed at home, but experts advice against it. It is finicky and the materials used are toxic, especially to pets.  

When your wedding day passes, you’ll probably want to settle into married life. We don’t blame you. By making post-wedding decisions before the wedding day, the transition will be easier. Making a decision on bouquet preservation is just one step in the process. 

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