Flower Girl Dresses

These fun-sized bundles of joy have a role in your big day that is nothing less than big. Since flower girls lead the way for the bride’s walk down the aisle, they are an important part of the wedding. Whether they’re dressed as miniature versions of you or twinning with the bridesmaids, it’s a good idea to ensure your flower girls make the perfect first impression on your guests. To inspire you with the finest ideas, we put together the most adorable trends for flower girl dresses. Not only will they look adorable, they will be memorable – for generations to come – just read on to find out how!

1. Sweet Sashes

We’re all about matching sashes with the bridesmaids! Add a simple ribbon to each girl’s dress to personalize her look for the big day. The color, texture and size of the ribbon can make or break not only the outfit, but also the theme of the wedding – so match wisely!

2. Flowers on Flowers

Contrary to how obvious it may sound, not all flower girls are floral enough (can a flower girl even have enough flowers?) Highlight your flower girl’s adorable and whimsical role by adding an extra dash of flowers to their look. Pinned in the hair or added to the dress – the possibilities of styling with flowers are endless!

3. Flower Pup

Your pet plays an important role in your life so it’s perfectly acceptable to feel incomplete without them by your side on your big day. Want to make your wedding extra cute? Have your flower girl walk your pup down the aisle! Use a matching ribbon instead of a normal dog leash to keep your wedding theme on point.

4. Tulle & Ruffles

Flower girl dresses

Source: weddbook.com

Add a wow factor your flower girl’s dress by bringing on the tulle! Incorporating volume in the skirts of their gowns will create a fun and luxurious look. The rule ‘less is more’ does not apply to tulle-infused flower girl dresses!

5. Insta-Worthy Photo Shots

Keeping memories as photographs is a trend that will never go out of style. As your wedding photographer captures your emotions, outfit, venue and décor, make sure they don’t neglect the little candid moments of your leading flower ladies. It’s the little moments like these that are, in fact, not little at all.

6. Layer It Up

To ensure the little girls are dressed demure and child-like, sleeves have often been added to their dresses. However, you can always add a formal cardigan or jacket on a sleeveless dress to switch it up for a layered look that is still covered – without the sleeves!

7. Colorful Cuties

Flower girl dresses

Source: lunss.com

Don’t be afraid to deviate from the traditional ivory and pastels by experimenting with colors. Whether you vary the hues amongst your flower girls or opt for a uniform color – like this year’s Pantone Color of the Year, Violet – don’t hold back when it comes to the color palette of your flower girl dresses!

8. Winter Wonderland

The thought of cold winter weddings may not bring pictures of bright blossoms in your mind, but that doesn’t mean a your flower girl is at any disadvantage because of the season! Aim for a balance of wispy tulles and fuzzy faux fur to make your girls the cutest little snow bunnies!

9. Picture Perfect

Flower Girl Dresses

Last but not the least, capture the memory of your flower girl forever. You can remember your adorable flower girl (and ring bearer) forever by opting to get their photos on the box of your preserved wedding gown! View personalization options here!

Hopefully, this list ignites your imagination for your flower girl dresses and all accessories you can add! Which flower girl trends will you use for your wedding? Comment below!SaveSaveSaveSave





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