Wedding Dress Preservation Near Me

Wedding Dress Preservation or Wedding Dress Cleaning?

What to do with your precious wedding dress after your wedding, such as wedding dress preservation, is usually not something most brides consider during the wedding planning process. As they start to put away all of the precious keepsakes from their wedding day, it’s often the time to most brides begin to think about what to do with their wedding dress. This when they often ask where to find ‘the best wedding dress preservation service or wedding dress cleaners near me’. 

Even though most of us don’t know yet if we will end up passing down our wedding dresses to our children, it’s wise to at least properly clean and/or preserve it for proper wedding dress storage over time. That way you will have the option, when the time may come, to pass it down to a daughter, niece or future daughter-in-law. Let’s look at these 2 options starting with wedding dress cleaning. Then we will look at how to find the best company for wedding dress preservation or cleaning.

Wedding Dress Cleaning

Wedding dress cleaning without preservation is ideal for when you have a pre-owned or sample dress that you need to have cleaned for an upcoming wedding within the next year. However, wedding dress cleaning by itself is not meant for long-term storage. With wedding dress cleaning, your dress will be returned to you in either a plastic dry cleaning bag or a garment bag. Garment bags can leave a wedding dress vulnerable to moths, other insects, dirt, dust, and pets. In addition, garment bags will typically ‘off gas’ and cause the dress to yellow over time. As such, it is not recommended for wedding gowns to be stored long term.

You’ll also want to be very careful about selecting wedding dress cleaners, as most dry cleaners are not professional wedding dress cleaners. In fact, many local dry cleaners will send off your wedding dress to a professional wedding dress cleaner and charge you an up-charge for profit. Be sure to use a reputable wedding dress cleaning specialist.

Wedding Dress Preservation

Wedding Dress Preservation

Having your dress preserved (which includes cleaning) is the optimal option, even if you think someone might wear your dress again within the next year, as it gives your dress the most protection for both the interim and long-term. This still gives you the option of someone wearing it again.

You’ll still be able remove your dress from the preservation chest when you are ready. Fabric needs to ‘breathe’ for long term storage and therefore vacuum sealing is no longer used in the preservation process. Your dress will be placed on a bust form that is then attached to the base of the preservation chest to keep it from shifting. It should not be difficult to remove it if you decide to wear it again.

How to Find the Best Wedding Dress Preservation Company Near Me

Researching wedding dress cleaning near me

After the wedding, most brides are ready to research if there’s wedding dress cleaners near me, or wedding dress preservation near me. TIP: A company’s reputation is VERY important so be sure to check out reviews on The Knot and WeddingWire which are validated to ensure authenticity.

The great news is that you can can have your wedding dress professionally cleaned and preserved from anywhere in the US by the top wedding dress preservation company, without even leaving your home.

Whether you live in New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, you have access to the best wedding dress preservation service available in the US. 

With the Affordable Preservation Company, you can place your order online and have a pre-paid shipping kit sent directly to you. The kit contains a shipping box, a pre-paid shipping label, stain stickers to identify any specific stains needing special attention, and simple instructions.

To send in your dress, you can either contact UPS to pick it up or take it to any UPS location. The service even includes insurance coverage against loss or damage. You can even track the status of your dress online. When complete, your dress will be delivered to your doorstep and you’ll get a tracking number in advance.

Concerned about sending your dress through UPS? Be sure to check out the hundreds of 5 star reviews on The Knot and WeddingWire to address your concerns.

Your wedding dress is too special to keep hanging in the closet and not be properly cared for. The Affordable Preservation Company is the #1 preservation company in the US and combines a top quality and affordable option to keep your wedding pristine for years to come.Wedding Dress Preservation

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