Designers have been working on the Top Bridesmaid Dress Trends for 2020 for quite some time now, and we are ready to share them with you! Of course, some colors are more appropriate than others depending on the season that you are planning your wedding in, but regardless, these colors will be making a statement at any wedding in 2020! Let’s take a look…

Marigold Yellow 

Bridesmaid Dress 2020 Colors Marigold Yellow

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Liven up your wedding day colors with a bright marigold yellow – yellow is the happiest color after all. Perfect for a Spring or Summer wedding. It’s crazy how much fresh energy one color can bring!

Sea Glass Green

Bridesmaid Dress Trend 2020 Seafoam Green

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This color, is also like yellow, creating a fresh and vibrant energy. We imagine this color working best in an outdoor setting with lots of light undertones. This is a fabulous color especially for a beach wedding.

Merlot Wine

Bridesmaid Dress Trends 2020 Burgundy

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This deep, merlot color sets the tone for a romantic evening with bride and groom. Whether you are having an outdoor wedding or an indoor wedding, we love this color with lots of candles and a dark, forest green to accent.

Forest Green

Bridesmaid Wedding Dress 2020 Trends

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Speaking of forest green, this warm and inviting color is perfect for an outdoor, mountain wedding. Use the beauty of nature to effortlessly accent the colors of your bridesmaids while maintaining a pop of color with a white wedding dress.

Ruby Red  

Red Bridesmaid Dresses 2020

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Romance is in the air, that’s for sure! A pop of color is what this year is all about, and what better way to make that statement than with a daring, ruby red! Your bridesmaids will love you for this decision. Against the white of your dress, you are setting the evening up for romance and effortless fun.

Metallic Gold

Bridesmaid Dress 2020 Trends Metallic Gold

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Gold everything! This year gold is making an appearance amongst bridesmaids. With the richness of this color a bride can afford to keep the details of the wedding more minimalistic and elegant. Just envision everyone at the wedding with a glass of champagne in hand toasting to your happiness.

Final Thoughts

With all of the trends that have come and gone, the colors you choose for your wedding party will stick around in photo albums, and create memories forever. Choosing the perfect color for the season that aligns with your own personal style, will really make a difference in making your wedding feel special and unique.

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