Picking out an engagement ring can be quite tricky. From the type of stone, to the shape, the color and the setting – all of these unique components come together to create the perfect representation of the unique woman who will wear this ring. Here are some hot trends that may help you bridge the gap between feeling overwhelmed with options and finding the perfect ring…

Top Engagement Ring Trends

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1. Color Gem Stones

The classic diamond may have been the no-brainer for years but it’s certainly starting to take a back seat to a few other stones. The spike in this trend is only seeming to continue to grow as brides are wanting to add a pop of color to their engagement ring. Stones like aquamarine, opal, morganite, moonstone are a few popular favorites.

Top 5 Engagement Ring Trends - Colored Stones

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2. Halo Settings

If you want to create a vintage look for a timeless ring, pairing a unique cut with a halo setting, is precisely the way to do that. Brides-to-be are starting to get creative with their rings and tuning into how their engagement rings represent their relationship. There are so many ways to craft that look in a ring nowadays.

Halo Ring Setting Engagement ring trends

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3. Oval Halo

Engaged couples are also opting to combine the halo setting with a classic shape such as the oval cut. The oval cut is known to compliment the fingers and enhances the grace and beauty of the hand of the newly engaged bride to be.

Top Trends in Engagement Rings

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4. Color Halo Rings

Why not add color to the outside of your diamond to really make it stand out? Select your favorite colored gemstone to accent your stunning solitaire diamond for a truly unique look.

Top Engagement Ring Trends

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5. Crown Rings

This trend is fairly new and rapidly becoming women’s favorite setting! Stones wrapped around either the top or the bottom of a diamond or stone of choice, creating a crown effect. It’s a beautiful visual and a unique take on an engagement ring. This setting can be paired with almost any cut of stone, including round, pear and oval.

Hot Engagement Ring Trends

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Top Hot Engagement Ring Trends – Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…

Expectant brides have so many choices when picking out an engagement ring that speaks to who they are. Now, more than ever before, the opportunity to be creative with your ring choice is easily available and encouraged. From the type of stone, to the cut, and even the setting – an engagement ring can be whatever you want it to be! Be sure to include ‘wedding dress preservation‘ to your wedding-planning timeline soon after the big question is popped!

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