There’s something magical about stepping into a wedding gown that was loved and worn in the past. For some brides, wearing a treasured family heirloom makes her wedding day that much more special. For others, wearing a vintage wedding dress has been a lifelong dream. Either way, a great deal of care and thought goes into selecting a wedding gown, and that’s why wedding dress restoration is so important.

wedding dress restoration

Despite having the best intentions, many brides store their gowns in the original garment bags where they can eventually remain for decades. Whether you intend to gift your wedding gown to a loved one, appreciate its sentimental value or wish to return it to its original pristine beauty, having your wedding gown professionally restored and preserved is the best way to retain or refresh its fabric, shape, and color.

What Is Wedding Dress Restoration?

No matter the theme or location of your wedding, your gown was probably put through a long, active day. Walking down the aisle, outdoor wedding party photos and a reception can expose your wedding gown to a wide range of potentially damaging events. Despite being careful, it’s natural to pick up dust, dirt or even mud on the hemline, sweat or deodorant stains, under the arms, beverage and food stains and even the occasional rip or tear.

Having your wedding dress professionally restored and preserved will eliminate blemishes and damage. A professional wedding gown restoration expert takes every unique aspect of your gown into consideration when developing a specialized cleaning and restoration procedure.

Is Wedding Gown Restoration Worth It?

A wedding gown is one of the most important emotional and financial investments a bride makes. In the not so distant past, it was acceptable to store wedding gowns in heavy garment bags hung either in a closet or the attic. Over time, the fine fabric can stretch and yellow, eventually becoming damaged from constant contact with the hanger or the plastic garment bag. By having your gown and accessories professionally stored in an acid-free preservation chest, you’re ensuring the best protection for those delicate fibers and embellishments.

Choosing a Wedding Dress Restoration Expert

Restoring a beautiful vintage or heirloom wedding dress is an investment in the past and the future, especially if you plan to hand the dress down to your own daughter. At Affordable Preservation Company, our experienced specialists are trained and certified by the Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute (DLI), the principal trade association for fabric care and restoration professionals.

Unlike dry cleaners, we hand-clean every wedding gown without the use of toxic chemicals. Our exclusive 100% organic cleaning formulas are dermatologically safe and prevent fabric fading. All our restoration and preservation work goes through multiple inspections before the gown is returned to you and we offer a 100-year guarantee against any future yellowing.

Our wedding dress restoration service takes between 4 to 6 weeks to complete and must be purchased in combination with the Traditional Line or Celebrity Line packages. Shipping your wedding gown to us and returning the preservation chest to you is always free, insured and secure.

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