Whether storing your wedding dress before or after your wedding, there are several factors to consider in protecting your precious dress with proper wedding dress storage.

Acid Free Wedding Dress Box

Storing Your Wedding Dress Before Your Wedding

   I. Short Term Wedding Dress Storage (1-6 Months)
  • Fabric Garment Bags vs. Plastic Garment Bags – If you will be wearing your dress within the next 6 months, you will want to store your dress in a fabric garment bag. The white or clear plastic garment bags can cause yellowing of the fabric due to chemicals being released from the plastic. Same for the plastic cover from your local cleaners.
  • Padded Hangers vs. Plastic Hangers – Protect the straps and prevent damage by using a padded hanger for your dress
  • Long Train – If you have a long train, you might want to use an additional hanger to drape the train of your dress over. This takes weight off the top of the dress and keeps it from stretching.
  • Location – Your dress should be safely stored in a closet that is away from pets, bright sunlight, or extreme temperatures. Do not keep it on the back of a door where it can be exposed to bright sunlight or possible damage.

wedding dress storage

   II. Interim Wedding Dress Storage (7-18 Months)

You might have a long engagement, are saving up for wedding expenses, or have had to delay your wedding. If you need to store your dress between 7-18 months, you should try to store it flat and in a sturdy storage box to prevent it from getting stretched or damaged. The type of storage box you use is important. Below are some suggestions.

  • Sturdiness – The storage box should be sturdy and not easily collapse or deteriorate.
  • Acid Free Cardboard – The box for wedding dress storage should be 100% acid free in order to keep your gown from yellowing. In the manufacturing of most cardboard, the use of acid is common.  Over time this acid can leach into the contents of the box.  Always check to see of the dress storage box is acid free material before storing any garments in it.
  • Polyester Viewing Window – If your dress storage box has a viewing window on the front, it needs to be made of polyester not plastic. When wedding gowns are exposed to light they may change color. Polyester windows are designed to absorb light rays.
  • Acid Free Tissue – The tissue paper used inside the dress storage box also matters.The use of acid free tissue is critical as it comes into contact with your gown.
  • Box Size – The dimensions of the dress storage box need to match your gown’s size to avoid any semi-permanent creasing.
  • Location – You’ll want to store your wedding dress laying flat at either the top of a closet or under the bed in a room not accessed by pets or small children.

Storing Your Wedding Dress After Your Wedding

Whether you plan to pass on your dress, or keep it for the memories, you’ll want to make sure it’s cared for properly. As mentioned previously, keeping a dress in a garment bag is meant to for short term storage and will not protect your dress long term. Professional wedding dress preservation is the optimal way to keep your dress pristine.

Ideally you will want to have your dress cleaned and preserved shortly after your wedding. This will prevent stains from setting in, prevent yellowing, and protect your dress from dirt and insects, such as moths.

Preserving your dress doesn’t have to be expensive or a hassle. Affordable Preservation Company’s wedding dress preservation packages are both affordable and convenient. We send you everything you need to send in your dress, including a shipping box, pre-paid shipping label and insurance.

wedding dress storage

Additionally, cleaning solvents are all organic and the storage materials are all acid-free. The materials used in the viewing window in the wedding dress storage box is PH balanced and designed to protect your dress from sun damage or plastic chemicals that tend to off-gas.

If you are considering taking your wedding dress to your local cleaners, be sure to read or article about the pros and cons here.

Additional Dress Storage Tips

  • Inspect your gown upon receipt and every 2-3 years for discoloration or yellowing.
  • Always use latex gloves or thoroughly wash your hands if you are going to touch your wedding dress.  This will keep any dirt or oils away from your gown.
  • Always store the dress box in a cool, dry area.
  • Never store your gown in an attic or basement.

Taking these simple tips to ensure the wedding dress storage is going to truly protect your wedding dress.  For the long run, it is worth the money, time and effort to make sure your wedding gown preservation is going to last for many years to come.

Wedding Dress Storage

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