The ferragnez Italy chiara ferragni wedding

Chiara Ferragni is an Italian-born fashion influencer who has made a name for herself by collaborating with some of the biggest names in fashion through her blog The Blonde Salad. In 2017, Ferragni was named number 1 on the Forbes list for most powerful influencers while managing an impressive, personal following on Instagram with over 14 million followers. This wedding has been ramping up since May of last year when Italian rapper, Federico Lucia -a.k.a Fedez – proposed to Chiara on stage in Verona. Following their engagement nearly a year later, they welcomed their son Leone to the world receiving over 3 million likes on a photo that the couple had shared from the hospital. The main event of their wedding has been much anticipated and for good reason…

When and Where Did Chiara Ferragni’s Wedding Take Place?

The wedding took place on the evening of September 1st in Noto, Sicily – but the celebration didn’t end until three days later as the newly couple had lots of family and friends to celebrate with! Their ceremony was held in the Palazzo Ducezio, a grand 18th-century building normally used as the town hall. There, the couple recited vows to each other that they had written themselves in an open air, non-religious ceremony.

The ferragnez wedding chiara ferragni venue Noto, Italy

The ferragnez wedding chiara ferragni venue

The Couture Dresses

Chiara Ferragni’s wedding totaled three haute couture dresses designed by Dior’s lead designer, Maria Grazia Chiuri.The wedding dress worn at the ceremony took 1,600 hours to create and 400 meters of fabric. The design consisted of a high neck, long sleeve, crochet bodice with a large tule skirt! A work of art to say the least. “We made a crochet jumpsuit that recalls the ancient practice of southern Italy and France, where the technique is strongly associated to a female tradition,” Chiuri told Vogue. The dress that she wore for her dinner was pure magic and a touch more personal to the couple’s special day. A pale pink tulle and silk organza evening dress adorned with embroidered motifs of the couple’s memories. This included lyrics from Fedez’s song that he wrote to Chiara, a lion to represent their son Leone, emblems of cities they have lived in, and their wedding date embroidered to the straps. Incredibly romantic and chic. The fairytale of dresses did not end here. Chiara later transformed her gown into a shorter, ballet-inspired version for the couple’s after party with matching embroidered, ballet pumps.

The ferragnez wedding chiara ferragni wedding dress

“Chiara first came to see me around a year ago after the show,” added Chiuri. “At first she wanted just one dress, but as we started to talk about the wedding I convinced her to make two, one for the ceremony and one for the party. I think it’s important to make outfits that adapt to the needs of the wearer. That is the definition of contemporary. I do not believe in imposing dresses that are impossible to live in. I am a firm believer that fashion should adapt and make you feel confident and strong, and that is almost impossible if one does not feel at ease. Chiara herself is a feminist role model. She is the living proof you can be economically, socially and politically independent while doing something you love. I think women like Chiara can positively inspire young generations to accomplish the same kind of freedom without relying on anyone else but themselves.”

The ferragnez wedding chiara ferragni christian dior haute couture

“At the beginning my idea was to recreate a couture catwalk look from Dior, so something a little less classic, that played with custom embroidery,” Ferragni said of the gown. “We talked about it and met again in January. It was our first official meeting for the dress, I had sent her my inspirations, and she came in and said your inspiration is very good but I think that a wedding dress should be more traditional, we need something that is 100 percent a wedding gown, and if you want we can make you one for after the ceremony. I was a little shocked. I could never have imagined I could have two couture Dior dresses designed by her for me, and this made me super happy. Then I thought about what she said, and she was right – a true, super-classic, but also very special Dior wedding dress that is very me, a perfect and timeless dress is what I should have. The dress I had in mind, more suitable for the dinner, is a stunning dress but is less of a wedding gown.”

The ferragnez wedding chiara ferragni custom christian Dior

“It was very important to have the outfits created by three Italian designers, all female, all women who have been important for me in various moments of my life and still are,” she continued. “They all represent creativity and independence, and each one of them inspires me in a different way. Miuccia definitely for her designs and her unconventional personality; Alberta because she was probably my very first supporter. I did my first red carpet in Cannes in Alberta Ferretti. It was at the beginning of my career when nobody knew who I was or what I did, and she was there, supporting me. And Maria Grazia, because at Dior she has revolutionized the house’s style but also conveys a totally new message connected to the new role of women, and that is very important for me.” With three couture pieces to clean and preserve, we are wondering if Chiara will save her dresses for future generations, frame them in her home, or do something extra special with them – something over-the-top like her wedding. Hmm…

A Dinner Under the Stars

The couple and their guests made their way to a fairytale setting with twinkle lights blanketing the sky above. White tables with white flowers awaited guests as they seated themselves for an Italian cuisine under the stars.

The ferragnez wedding chiara ferragni dinner night

The ferragnez wedding chiara ferragni dinner

The ferragnez wedding chiara ferragni dinner party

The After Party

 As if the wedding reception, and dinner weren’t spectacular enough, the after party was Coachella inspired with funfair, fireworks, a Ferris wheel and a stage with live acts and karaoke. The guest list of 160 had the time of their lives running around the “The Ferragnez Theme Park” for the night while the newly weds danced, sang on stage and won prizes of their own! To push this night over the edge, the couple even had plush toys made of themselves for friends and family to win as prizes. You can see why the celebration wasn’t quick to end.

The ferragnez wedding chiara ferragni after party

Dior fashion The ferragnez wedding chiara ferragni

The ferragnez wedding chiara ferragni

The over-the-top wedding was more than just incredibly beautiful, well thought out and full of love – this wedding nearly broke the internet with all of it’s craze and media attention! Nearly 67M people tuned in on social media to engage with the wedding, 24K posts were made using #TheFerragnez hashtag and $36M dollars in total audience media impact value were generated. Some of the largest names in fashion benefited from these numbers by gaining media attention and marketing through the special day. Brands like Christian Dior, Prada, Lancome and Alberta Ferretti. The newly married couple, Chiara and Federico Ferragnez, really know how to throw a wedding!

The ferragnez chiara ferragni wedding

The ferragnez wedding chiara ferragni Fedez

Federico ferragnez wedding chiara ferragni

The ferragnez wedding chiara ferragni the blonde salad

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