You want to remember your wedding for a lifetime. You’ll want beautiful pictures that you can look back on that will take you back to that moment. Winter wedding photography has its challenges, but some of the best pictures are taken in the winter.

Winter Wedding Photography

When to Take Photos

Many people choose to have their winter wedding photography done before their wedding takes place. If you choose a beautiful floor length ball gown wedding dress and would like outdoor photos taken, you may want to wait until after the wedding. Your dress is likely to get dirty around the hem, and you don’t want to walk down the aisle in a dirty dress. Don’t worry about getting your dress a bit dirty. A wedding gown preservation service will clean your gown and remove any dirt and stains. This allows you to be in the moment and take some fun and candid shots that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Cold weather makes everyone look more beautiful. It gives you a soft glow, rosy cheeks, and naturally beautiful lips. You don’t have to worry about sweating or looking shiny either. You and your new husband will look stunning standing out in the snow, but how do you brave the cold? First, you should consider your footwear. If you are wearing a long gown, you can wear some warm boots. You’ll also need some blankets so that you can cover up and keep warm in between your winter wedding photography shots. Prepare some hot cocoa or coffee and put it in a thermos. A warm drink will help you brave the cold.

If you are wearing a sleeveless wedding dress, don’t feel like you have to miss out on outdoor wedding shots or cover up your glorious gown. Simply wear a warm coat until everything is right and the photographer is ready. Have someone to stand by and take your coat before the photographer snaps the shot.

Family Affair

You’ll certainly want some wedding shots with just you and your new spouse, but you will also want some with your wedding party and family members. These are easiest to do somewhere you have easy access to the indoors. This allows people to come out as they are needed for shots instead of standing out in the cold. It’s also a good idea to consider what pictures you would like ahead of time. If you can make a list of the specific people you want in photos together, it will make everything run much smoother, and ensure that you get the shots you want.

Be Candid

Candid shots usually end up being some of your favorite photographs. Of course you’ll want some perfectly placed photos, but it’s also important to capture the fun of your wedding day. Don’t be afraid to be a little silly and have fun with your photos, because this can create beautiful natural moments.

Embrace the Weather

When you are doing outdoor shots, you will have to embrace the weather. Falling snow can make for some beautiful pictures. Rain can be romantic and fun. A cloudy day gives you the opportunity to take advantage of unique lighting. You can’t control the weather, so you’ll have to roll with it.

Winter wedding photography

After all your beautiful wedding pictures are done, it’s time to put your dress away for safekeeping. Wedding gown preservation and cleaning allows you to take beautiful outdoor shots without worrying about ruining your dress. Wedding gown preservation allows you to keep your gown beautiful for many years, and it gives you a beautiful heirloom treasure.

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