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Ahhh, we have almost made it to 2019! Are you planning on getting ‘hitched’ this year? Have you already spent some time imagining all of the details of your special day? If you have, we’re sure the colors of your wedding has been on your mind. The colors that you choose for your special day will set the theme and tone of your wedding. This year’s color palettes have a lot to offer, whether you want a more natural theme or a POP of color, this year has it all! We have combined all of the best colors for you to choose from. Here are the top wedding colors for 2019!

1. Mixed Shades of Blue 

top wedding colors of 2019 blue


Colors: Sulfate blue, Turqouise, Niagra Blue

This color palette of soft blues is a calming and elegant theme for both the bride and groom as well as the guests. Celebrate your love with the colors of the ocean.

2. Sage Green 

top wedding colors for 2019 sage green


Colors: Sage Green, Beige, and White

A neutral yet earthy palette is perfect for accenting an outdoor wedding amongst the sky and the trees. Create a vibe that’s connected to nature and unplugged from the outside world.

3. Berry Pink 

Fun wedding colors 2019 berry pink


Colors: Berry Pink, Navy, Turquoise, and Peacock Pink

Liven up your wedding day with a burst of color. You’ll be sure to have a memorable and FUN wedding with this color scheme.

4. Blush and Navy 

best wedding colors 2019 navy blue rose


Colors: Navy, Blush, and Sage

Get creative and mix the subtle colors of the outdoors with a soft pink and dark blue. These colors look great against the white of a wedding dress.

5. Pumpkin Spice Latte  

best wedding colors 2019 burnt orange beige


Colors: Pumpkin Spice Orange, Beige and Beaver Brown

They say nature is the best color palette, and we couldn’t agree more! Fall into your wedding planning (pun intended) with warm seasonal colors.

6. Sun Yellow 

wedding colors 2019 sun yellow


Colors: Sun Yellow, Maroon and Dusty Blue 

Your love shouldn’t be the only thing shining on your special day. Switch things up with a splash of yellow – the color of all things bright!

Top Wedding Colors for 2019

The overall theme for 2019 wedding season is earthy, yet vibrant tones.These are colors that pair so easily with an outdoor wedding, wooden pieces, and pops of green center pieces throughout the event. A wedding planner’s dream! These colors are easy to get creative with and your wedding party with LOVE the coordinating tones you pick for their attire.

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