Beach Wedding

Everyone has had that perfect wedding vision of being whisked away to a beautiful, sandy beach in paradise and eloping with their significant other while the waves crash against the shore in the distance. Now, as dreamy as that may sound, there are a few details you may want to consider before committing to a beach wedding!

Tips For Planning A Beach Wedding


1. Proper Beach Attire for Your Guests

Not all fabrics are great for withstanding your sandy ceremony. Informing your guests to consider dressing in an airy, light fabric will ensure that the wedding party doesn’t leave covered in sand and sea salt! Most of your guests will likely take the opportunity of this rare occasion to dress in their most relaxed and casual wedding-appropriate beach attire. So, make sure to emphasize attire specifics if you are hosting an elegant wedding and don’t want your guests to dress too casual. Also, consider offering shoe cubbies or a basket for shoes for guests wearing heels or formal shoes. Another great idea is to offer personalized flip-flops with your wedding date or that match your color scheme!

2. Beach Permits

Public beach rules vary by location. So, if you plan on having a fair number of guests on your list or you want to reserve a particular part of the beach for a certain amount of time, you definitely want to check in with your local government offices. Public beaches often don’t require a permit for small gatherings but you always want to be certain, especially if you are setting up chairs and decorations. If you’d like a more private and intimate ceremony, we also recommend looking into renting a private beach.

3. Sun Exposure

Of course, everyone wishes for a sunny-day filled with love on their wedding day. Now with sun, comes proper preparation. Try to schedule your special day early in the morning before the sun gets too hot, or more traditionally, in the evening as the sun is nearly setting. Always encourage your guests to wear lots of sunscreen, but including a small, ocean-friendly sunscreen on their seats is always a cute party favor. Another option is to offer dainty parasols that coordinate with the wedding theme and colors.

4. Get a Sound System

One of the many beauties of a beach wedding is the romantic sound of a soft breeze and crashing of the waves.  However, this also means that your guests may not be able to hear much without a microphone in hand when reciting your vows to one another. Getting a sound system for your special day is key and make sure to come prepared with a wind screen for your mic. You don’t want your guests only hearing the howling of the wind – they want to hear your loving voices.

5. Restrooms for Guests

Beach Wedding


A rather not-so-elegant bit of detail work that you will need to do is finding an accessible area for your guests to do their ‘business’! If you’re lucky, the beach may have complimentary onsite restrooms. Now don’t fret if this isn’t the case. If the beach is near a resort or restaurant, try reaching out regarding bathroom access for the duration of your ceremony. Another option is to rent portable toilets for the big day! Again, be sure to check in with your government office regarding permits.

6. Unpredictable Weather

This topic is relevant no matter where you host your wedding. However, being on the beach and away from basic shelter, you may have to get a little more creative! Always make sure to inform your guests that the wind could pick up more than expected and to dress accordingly. It’s a smart idea to have a go-to area for coverage in case it’s starts to rain during the ceremony. If the beach isn’t equipped with gazebo’s, consider renting an outdoor party tent so the wedding party can quickly take cover. Keep in mind that most coastal destinations have quickly-changing weather patterns, so the rain may not stick around for long!

7. Elderly & Handicapped Guests

Navigating through the sand may seem like a leisurely task for some, but for your elderly or handicapped guests, it could come as quite the task. Be mindful that wheel chairs and walkers aren’t always beach friendly and seek beaches with handicap access if your foresee discomfort for any of your guests. Making sure to have a greeter at the entrance of your ceremony to escort and assist guests that may need help, is always a good idea.

8. Your Wedding Dress

Beach Wedding

Your special day is one you will want to remember for a lifetime and making sure your dress withstands the chaos of a beach wedding is where we come in! No matter how strategic you are with caring for your dress – like designating your maid of honor to hold your train – your gown will always undergo a reasonable amount of soiling. You may also want to plan a spectacular Trash The Dress photography moment! Whether it’s jumping into the ocean or rolling in the sand after you say “I Do” – it’s totally worth it! We are proud to offer award-winning wedding dress preservation and restoration services that will whip your wedding dress back to it’s original condition and prevent future yellowing!

All weddings come with their fair share of obstacles and planning, so no matter where you anticipate on tying the knot, make sure to consider these common topics. We hope you’re beach wedding is filled with tons of love, soft beautiful waves, a light breeze, and memorable moments!

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